Meantime – Settling in and looking for work

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My first effort to join the system in NZ was to obtain my IRD number from the Inland Revenue Department. Next – to obtain a full driving licence. Although I can drive with my Malaysian driving licence which is valid for 12 months from my most recent entry, it is best to get a full NZ driving licence because it is a requirement for many jobs and a common form of identification here. This means I have to pass theory and practical assessments.
I have reached out to my network of friends and colleagues for guidance and advice in seeking job [...]

May 2018 – A New Chapter

May 2018 – A New Chapter

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Kia Ora. Starting May 2018, Kian Foh is seeking work and job opportunities in Environmental Management / Conservation / Sustainability in New Zealand, where he hopes to contribute his knowledge, skills and experience in consultancy and research in environmental management and conservation finance.
Starting May 2018, postings in this website will consist of blogs by Kian Foh, which will be categorised as “in a different environment”.

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